The Benefits of Digital Printing


The basic principles of advertising have stayed the same irrespective of the changes that have taken place around it. Your brand should speak to a particular audience and strive to build credibility and recognition. Of course the mediums through which advertising take place have multiplied over the years.

Technology has been the greatest disrupter of industries and has also resulted in the greatest amount of innovation. It was with this belief in the power of technology that we set up our business so that we could bring in new practices that make work easier for our customers while allowing us to save on labour costs and overheads. This reduction in cost also translated to lower prices for our customers, thus making it a win-win situation. One of the things that we did was to set up our website, and provide set templates to help people design their own signage.

These templates help provide a framework which can later be customised or saved by businesses to quickly serve their advertising needs. These designs can be printed on any available size and with any available finish. It makes the entire process easy and foolproof, with a final render available to preview before the order is given. All our printing is done locally and provide we provide digital printing to customers from Kapiti to Wellington.

Out templates are available for a variety of purposes including residential, billboards, business cards, for sale signage and other. By basing our signwriting business on the Kapiti Coast we are able to save on our fixed expenses and we pass these savings on to our customers.

The benefits of digital printing include:

  • Customers being able to email designs and styles
  • Modern templates that are regularly updated
  • Easy of use in ordering
  • Easy to make changes
  • Saved online for repeat ordering

Technology has helped us take the hard work out of designing and ordering digital prints for your business advertising. All us are saved online and are available to be viewed if in case you ever want a repeat order.

We aim to use the shortest possible turnaround time to bring the maximum benefits to our customers. Most orders will be delivered within 24 hours of the placement of the order. So go on and place your first order using our user friendly interface at and let all your business printing and designing be taken care of by expert signwriters on the Kapiti Coast.


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