Unique Ways to Document Your Travels


Are you planning to go on vacation with your spouse, family members or friends? If yes one of the best ways to create memories that will last forever is by documenting your travel. Although it is true that you will have many unforgettable experience when you travel abroad, the truth is that some little details such as random people that you meet, sights and color that you come across can fade away with time.

That is why it is very important to document your travel so that you can capture every detail of your vacation. So do you reside in Kapiti Coast or Waikanae in New Zealand and you are looking for unique ways to document your travels? If yes then below are tips to help you.

1. Journaling

One of the best ways to document your travel by using a journal. A journal will help you write about your experience with your friends and people that you encounter when on vacation. Although documenting your travel experience on a journal may sound to be a little bit old school, it is one of the best ways to make your travel experience memorable. All that you need to order to document your traveling experience is a small notebook and a pen. Your journal could be a day by day account of your experience or a more personal approach where you sit down and reflect what you have learned on your vacation.

2. Photograph

Do you know a photo can say many things that cannot be described on a journal? In addition to writing a personal journal that documents your experience on your vacation, it is also very important to support it with memorable photos. When documenting your travel using photos, you need to do things a little bit differently. You need make your photo session a project. Ensure that all your photos are well documented so that they can be able to tell the story that you intend to pass.

3. Create postcards

Postcards will not only make your travel experience memorable but it also a unique way of sharing your experience with family and friends. The good thing about postcards is that they are able to clearly explain what you want to pass across. In addition to that, you can place them anywhere in your house that you can see them any time you wish.

4. Video

Another unique way to document your travel adventure is by documenting your experiences on camera. Thanks to advance in technology, it is now possible to video record yourself while on vacation using your smartphone. You can also carry your camera for the purpose. Documenting your travel experience on camera is great especially if you are planning to go for a travel adventure such as hiking, boating or canoeing with friends or family members.

In conclusion if you are planning to go on a vacation but you wondering what you should do to make your travel experience fun and memorable, the above tips will help you come up with an amazing travel document. If you can, you can hire Web2Print Down Under Ltd for graphic design to bring out the best in your photos. They also offer photo printing in Kapiti Coast and printing in Paraparaumu. For more information about this topic visit our website www.web2printdownunder.co.nz for more advice and tips.

Personalised Gifts for Mothers Day

pexels-photo (27).jpg

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in New Zealand and many other countries, including Australia and the United States. It is a day when mothers are recognised for their huge impact on society and for their important role in family and community life. In addition to voicing your appreciation, personalized cards and gifts are also a great way to make the day extra special. Here are 10 personalised gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

1. An inscribed ring necklace

Personalised jewellery is one of the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day. One great suggestion is buying her a personalised ring necklace. This is a necklace with a ring or two at the end. To make it personal, the rings can be inscribed with her name or a special personal and heartfelt message.

There are many websites where you can order a personalised ring necklace or you can look for a physical store where they can prepare the necklace on order. Other personalised jewellery ideas include a bracelet, a finger ring, a headband and earrings.

2. A watch with her name

Another great idea is a personalised wristwatch. Not only is it practical, it will also serve as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Find a website or store that deals in making personal watches and order one for her. Like the necklace, you can have her name or personal message inscribed on the inside or back of the watch.

3. A personalised wine glass or mug

‘World’s greatest mum’ is a popular idea for personalised Mother’s Day coffee mugs. The next time this special day comes around, try something a little different, such as a personalised wine glass. Some online stores can even pair that up with a choice bottle of wine.

4. Personalised clothing

From a custom t-shirt to a nice sun hat, your message can make her clothing unique. There are plenty of companies that can sell you customised clothing. You can get them inscribed with her name or a heartfelt message. You can even get her picture printed on the fabric – the options are plenty.

5. A personalised lantern or lampshade

Whether she prefers candlelight or electric lights, you can add a touch of customisation to her room with a lantern or lampshade. Whether it’s for the living room, kitchen, bedroom or study, she can have a memorable present personalised just for her. Have it printed with a special message or image and it will make her smile every time she looks at it.

Other Ideas

The list for personalised gifts is endless. These days you can almost get anything customised to your requirements, so do not be limited to the above list; think wide. Something unique and creative will guarantee that she remembers it for years to come. Other items you can personalise include gym bags, combs, key rings and pendants.

Customised Print and Signs Kapiti

If you are looking for personalised digital printing in Kapiti Coast, Web 2 Print Downunder has everything you need. They provide customised printing for both individuals and businesses. Whether you need a Mother’s Day gift, business signwriting or a unique business card for your work, they can help.

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Why You Need Printing Services from Web2Print Downunder


At Web2Print Downunder, we are all about doing an exemplary job to enhance your business. Our main service is printing signs such as real estate signs for Kapiti agents but we gladly offer wide range of advertising printing and digital printing in Kapiti to meet our clients’ needs. Whether we are talking about real estate signs, note pads, brochures, labels or any custom prints, our goal is to deliver the best possible quality products that will help you increase the value of your business.

Why do you need these services?

When our customers ask for our help, they usually do so because they need a quality product from the best printing business. Let’s say that you are interested in a family calendar or custom Christmas cards: It is possible to use a standard printer to create and print such a product in the comfort of your home. However, without the best possible equipment and expertise (selecting the right inks, paints, paper, etc.), chances are that it just won’t look as good as the quality that Web 2 Print Downunder could provide. We have significant experience and we never try to cut corners – we order the best materials to make your custom prints look amazing!

What are the benefits to using our printing services?

When you try to do a more complex printing job in your home with equipment that, although could be excellent for certain jobs, isn’t necessarily up for your specific task, there is a very high probability that the end result won’t be as flattering as you had imagined. The biggest advantage when you ask for the help of a professional service like ours, is that we have the tools and expertise to create an impressive final product.

If you would like, you can place your order online after setting up your printing templates. There are several advantages to this method, including saving you time and money and offering you a quicker ordering process with next day delivery. At Web2Print Downunder, there is nothing more important to us than the satisfaction of our customers and we are constantly looking for methods that could make the customer experience – and our services – even better.

We have several special offers available for both our first time and returning customers, and we are confident that, as the best printing business in Otaki and the Kapiti Coast, you will be extremely satisfied with our services. Visit us online at www.web2printdownunder.co.nz to start ordering your digital prints and signage now!

The Benefits of Digital Printing


The basic principles of advertising have stayed the same irrespective of the changes that have taken place around it. Your brand should speak to a particular audience and strive to build credibility and recognition. Of course the mediums through which advertising take place have multiplied over the years.

Technology has been the greatest disrupter of industries and has also resulted in the greatest amount of innovation. It was with this belief in the power of technology that we set up our business so that we could bring in new practices that make work easier for our customers while allowing us to save on labour costs and overheads. This reduction in cost also translated to lower prices for our customers, thus making it a win-win situation. One of the things that we did was to set up our website, www.web2printdownunder.co.nz and provide set templates to help people design their own signage.

These templates help provide a framework which can later be customised or saved by businesses to quickly serve their advertising needs. These designs can be printed on any available size and with any available finish. It makes the entire process easy and foolproof, with a final render available to preview before the order is given. All our printing is done locally and provide we provide digital printing to customers from Kapiti to Wellington.

Out templates are available for a variety of purposes including residential, billboards, business cards, for sale signage and other. By basing our signwriting business on the Kapiti Coast we are able to save on our fixed expenses and we pass these savings on to our customers.

The benefits of digital printing include:

  • Customers being able to email designs and styles
  • Modern templates that are regularly updated
  • Easy of use in ordering
  • Easy to make changes
  • Saved online for repeat ordering

Technology has helped us take the hard work out of designing and ordering digital prints for your business advertising. All us are saved online and are available to be viewed if in case you ever want a repeat order.

We aim to use the shortest possible turnaround time to bring the maximum benefits to our customers. Most orders will be delivered within 24 hours of the placement of the order. So go on and place your first order using our user friendly interface at www.web2printdownunder.co.nz and let all your business printing and designing be taken care of by expert signwriters on the Kapiti Coast.

3 of The Best Marketing Tips for New Business Owners


Want more customers? More sales? Bigger profits? Then you’ve come to the right place! Starting a new business in Paraparaumu is never easy – especially when there are thousands of things you need to think about.

However, making sure you have an effective marketing strategy in place can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your company. After all, according to Statistics New Zealand research, a huge 53% of small and medium sized enterprises fail within their first three years. If you want your business to have the best chance of success, you’re going to have to get serious about your marketing. Thankfully, we’re going to tell you exactly how to do that! Read on to find out more.

1. Use social media

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to market your new business, so if it’s something you haven’t thought about, you should definitely try it. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be able to attract an audience who might otherwise not have heard about your company – especially a younger demographic.

Using social media is a great way for your consumers to build a relationship with your brand, and you will be able to tell them about new products and services with just a click of a button. For more effective digital marketing, encourage your followers to like, share, and comment on your content – this can help to spread the word and attract even more people to your social channels.

2. Have a good website ready

Although this one sounds simple, you’ll be surprised at how many businesses in New Zealand fail to do this. If you want your company to succeed, you’ll want people to be able to find you online – and a good website can help them do exactly that. Make sure your site is user-friendly and full of great content that really resonates with the reader. Incorporate videos, tutorials, graphics, images, and product demos – be as creative as you like! If you’re still struggling to attract custom, look into search engine optimisation – or SEO.

This can help make your website more attractive for search engines who will rank your content based on its quality and relevance. Appearing high on the search engine results page can be great for your business, and will attract customers who are looking for a particular product or service in Paraparaumu.

3. Get good sign writing

Sometimes the best marketing ideas are the most simple. Whether it’s custom-made calendars, business cards,real estate signs, notepads, or labels, print materials like these are a great way to expose your business brand to the local population. You’ll be able to hand out this promotional material as a free gift, or use direct marketing to introduce a new product or service.

Looking for signwriters in Paraparaumu?

If you’re looking for signwriting services that can help you market your Paraparaumu business, then look no further than Web2Print Downunder – the company that specialises in customised and personally designed templates for your printed marketing material. For more information on how Web2Print Downunder can benefit your new company, head over to www.web2printdownunder.co.nz to view their wide range of products.

Why Digital Printing & Signage are Good Marketing Tools for Your Business


Now that computers are widely available and easy to use, many people are launching their own businesses from home to supplement their income or take a step back from the high pressured corporate world. The niches targeted by some in-home businesses can be very competitive: well-designed signs and beautifully printed promotional materials can help your enterprise stand out from the crowd to give you the best opportunity to beat the competition.

If you are based on the Kapiti Coast and operate a business, then consider using the services of Web2Print Downunder. They offer high quality digital printing and signage services to help you gain that all-important customer attention.

Why signage is important for your business

Visual communication and brand recognition are essential components for business success in today’s highly visual digital world. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to purchase from a company they’ve already heard of as opposed to businesses where reputation is scant. So utilising professional sign writing services can get your brand name out there and help plant the seeds for future sales.

Regardless of whether you are located on a busy street or in an isolated area, placing a sign outside your premises will enable you to attract more customers from off the street. With a quality sign that incorporates your logo, significant imagery, brand colours and contact details, you can quickly and easily provide the necessary information to achieve sales while standing out from everyone else around the block.

Your customised signage can also be utilised to draw attention to certain products or promotions of interest within your premises. Customers can be directed effectively to sections of your store where you would like to have the most traffic.

How else can I use printing or signage

Good quality signage can also help people who are selling their home privately. Listing websites such as Trade Me have made it easier for people to sell their homes without using real estate agents. If you are considering a private house sale on the Kapiti Coast, a professionally printed sign outside your home can have a great impact.

Because a sign is visible 24/7, its effect is continuous with little maintenance. A well designed sign that is placed outside your home or near the roadside will grab the attention of runners, walkers and motorists in the area. Private sale signs actually provide one of the most cost-effective forms of real estate marketing, and are actually much cheaper than advertising on radio, television, or newspapers. You can advertise anywhere, anytime, with impressive, high-quality real estate private sales signs.

Web2Print Downunder are professional signwriters in Kapiti Coast and are experts at the design, manufacturing and installation of a wide range of signs for real estate marketing, business marketing, and publicity purposes. The qualified designers at Web2Print Downunder have the knowledge and skills required to create the perfect signage solution to suit your budget, style and brand.

Importance of effective stationary design and digital printing solutions for your business

Print promotional products, such as note pads, calendars, business cards, greeting cards, teardrop banners and personalised pens can be a great way to market your business or organisation. Personalised stationery and custom printed materials with your contact information, brand colours and logo can turn your business into a household name by spreading recognition among customers. They will make a professional impact and allow your brand to enjoy instant recognition.

Web2Print Downunder offers quality digital printing, real estate signage and DIY private sale signs that you can order online via their website www.web2printdownunder.co.nz. By offering signage and printed products online, the team at Web2Print Downunder are able to help you save money and time on your business marketing. Visit their website for a free quote on all business digital printing.

How Quality Sign Writing Can Improve Your Business


In the competitive marketplace today, it’s hard to get the edge over others in your field. As a smart businessperson, you should look for any way possible to gain the advantage. One thing that you may be overlooking is the use of well-made signage for your business.


Signs can do a lot to promote your business. In many cases, the signs you display around the Kapiti Coast may be the first impression someone forms of your enterprise. To many, the quality of your signs is a reflection of your attitude towards your business and a worn or poor quality sign will be ignored.

On the other hand, if your signs are made well, look professional and give relevant information, you could be encouraging more people to contact the business rather than writing it off. This is where sign writers on the Kapiti Coast come in handy. When you don’t have the expertise to make your own signage, there are those who ready to assist you to make your ideas a reality.


You may have the design in mind, the information ready, but can you make the final product for yourself? Going to a local print shop isn’t always the best idea, as they may not be experienced in the particular art of sign writing, focusing instead on the broader job of printing anything and everything.

A speciality sign writing company can assist you by only giving you options which would look great as a sign, having the best quality indoor and outdoor inks or materials for printing and by offering all the necessary accessories for you to have your signage ready to display at once. The service expertise and ease of printing your own pre-made designs result in quick, well made signage that makes a great first impression on your potential customers.


Although signs are a fairly important business tool for any industry, real estate and property sales is one of the occupations most in need of quality sign writing services. Many people who are looking to buy property would have no idea whether a place was for sale if they did not see a sign out in front of it. The nicer the sign, the more notice they are likely to take and possibly the more interest they will have in making an enquiry.

Real estate signs have to be well put together, organized, and informational. Those viewing the sign might be driving by in a vehicle, so it must catch their eye and make them want to learn more in just a second after seeing it. Even if real estate isn’t your business, private sale signs need to be just as professional as the rest of the industry.


No matter how great of a business you have, you need to make sure your signage is up to par. If you’re looking for professional signwriting on the Kapiti Coast, check out Web 2 Print Downunder. Their convenient, easy to use website will help you through the process of ordering your own high quality printed signage.

Don’t spend your time and energy getting below average signage when you could be contacting Web 2 Print Downunder: Call now or check out the website, www.web2printdownunder.co.nz, for yourself today.